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 Company Name:

 Contact Person: Regan Du  

 Tel: 86-512-67085391,

 Fax: 86-512-67085391


No.2588 Tian E Dang Road


scarf support

A. Longland-Design Support.

1) Your Original designs

Our sales will discuss with our clients about the new samples details and confirm, then arrange the new samples and give the clients the updated news about the samples.

2) Our designs

If you choose our new designs, the sales will send the relevant samples to you for quality and handle feel reference.


B. Longland- Sales Support

1) Pre-Sales Support

For each inquiry, we will give the reply within half hour during the normal working time, 12 hours for the unnormal working time.

For each professional scarf inquiry, our sales or merchandisers will help solve within 24 hours.


2) After-Sales Support

For the unnormal order, our custom service will help solve within 24 hours.

For the defective issues from the order, we will help solve within 12 hours, even pay more costs.


C. Longland normal delivery time

Sampling: 15days to 20 days

Production: 45 days to 50 days


*For some urgent order, please let us know in advance, we can adjust the production plan*


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