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how to know it's the real silk scarf while buy one silk scarf from the shop

Just buy one silk scarf, would you like to see if it's the real 100% silk scarves? Actually it's very easy if see the below five ways, also you will become the expert in your friends' minds. Just a small piece of silk fabric, here let’s tell you how to do:


1. identifier of the fabrics


All fabrics have the unified product number, which consist of five numbers in total, for the five numbers, from the first number of identifier, the digit 1 stand for the synthetic series, digit 2 means the polyester series, digit 3 means the mixed series, digit 4 means the silk series, digit 5 means the rayon series.

2. Costs or prices

Silk fabric price is about four times higher than the .silk imitations.
3. Appearance of the fabrics

All silk products are elegant sheen and very soft, glossy, pearly light and elegant.
4. Fabric Features

Real Silk products let you experience a slight hand scraping feeling, you can hear the crisp sounds through rubbing together.
5. Combustion method

Just burning out of small part yarn, you could see the invisible fire, smell seem like the taste of burning hair, also you can crush by the hand.


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