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Ways to work with the scarf factory

In general there're two ways to work with the scarf factory or scarf manufacturer.

1; If you have your own artworks or designs, just have to confirm with the factory to see what kind of fabrics are suitable for the designs, then inform the details, such as handle feel, size, edges way, panton color numbers, etc. to them. Then the factories could start to produce the relevant samples for approval, the production can begin after the PP samples approved.

2; There're so many fashion and beautiful designs are from the factories themselves, they can show you with the pics for reference, you could choose some you like, ask to see some samples for quality and handle reference while like some and hope to choose as your new collections. The bulk production can start after check and confirm the quality of the samples.

Actually at present the market is very strict with the scarf factories, not only produce the products as before, but also can develop some new artworks with the help of designers from the brands, wholesalers, retailers, etc. As we see, this help the Chinese factories from the before OEM service transfer to the ODM service.


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