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Smart scarf in the future

Swarm intelligent scarf is the explore of Microsoft for the future, it carry the biometrics and emotional sensing device. The swarm can comfort user’s mood through the shake while monitor dismal. In addition, the app on the phone can warm for the scarf.


At present the project report from swarm has been submitted to Stanford university, the report author Michele Williams is the postgraduate of Maryland university, she participated this project when did the intern in Microsoft research (Gteko). It still lies in the prototype period since the scarf host system is hard to exploit.


Since the smart-Band Microsoft band start, Microsoft’s ambition in the wearable field has been exposed. Now no matter the HoloLens or the swarm intelligent scarf far away from us, all incarnate the Microsoft’s unsurpassable creativity. Hope the smarm will meet us soon, on the occasion, Microsoft maybe will lead the intelligent apparel industry innovation.

Wish Our scarf factory will help offer the scarf for Swarm of Microsoft.

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